LBWVB 2016 Competition
Held at Areca Lodge in Pattaya
on November 5, 2016

0,607 THB

EXPENSES: 148,885 THB (20%)

2016 LBWVB Event Summary

Ladyboy Water Volleyball Festival, made its fifth year, under very difficult circumstances, as one of Pattaya’s premier social, sporting and charitable events.

Attracting an international audience, the gala also showcased the ‘ladyboy’ community in a positive fashion – not to mention, a fun day in the sun.

Five teams from Pattaya energetically competed this year – as usual at the Areca Lodge on Soi Diana in Pattaya.

540,000 Baht was raised for three Charities:

The Pattaya Orphanage, founded in 1980’s with 160 Children
Baan Dek Thammarak Orphanage in Lopburi, for children with HIV
The Moon School in Champasak, Laos

In the event’s five years, total raised has been 4,300,000 Baht with 3,515,000 Baht given to Charity.

Costs of 740,000 is 17% of funds raised leaving a small surplus.

Playing in ’round-robin’ style, meant 10 matches where all teams played against each other.
The matches were hotly contested with 2 new teams to the event showing stunning performance. Final results were:

1st – Blue Dolphins sponsored by TJ’s Music Bar of Soi 18, Naklua Road.
2nd – Green Hornets sponsored by Katoeys Are Us, Soi Diamond, Walking Street, Pattaya
3rd – Pink Panthers, an independent team from Pattaya.
4th – Black Scorpions sponsored by Lita Bar of Pattaya, Soi 13/2, Pattaya.
5th – Purple People Eaters sponsored by King’s Bar of Soi 8, Pattaya.

Bangkok’s Stumble Inn group, who own Cockatoo in Soi Cowboy, are also team sponsors this year, though not competing.

An International buffet evening gala was held with a Free raffle containing Dining vouchers from Beefeater Steak House, Sportsman Pub and Yamato Japanese restaurants.

Following the raffle the children from the Pattaya Orphanage sang “Thank You Very Much” from the film musical “Scrooge”.

An Auction of donated artwork was held which raised a further 25,500.

The children of the Orphanage Oratorio returned and sang “So long, Farewell” from the “Sound of Music” winning the hearts of all those there.

Checks were awarded to the charities, also represented by children from the 2 orphanages.
Prizes for all the teams were presented by a Thai Katoey Net Idol.

The matches were played from 1 to 5 pm.
The evening program was from 7 to 10.00 pm.
Tickets, at 1,500 Baht, covered all costs ensuring all Sponsor money went to Charity.

2016 LBWVB Competition Teams

2016 LBWVB Charities

Baan Dek ThammarakVisit
Baan Dek Thammarak Website

Moon School is a special project, overseen by Rotary Club Eastern Seaboard, to improve on Classroom and Toilet facilities

Pattaya Orphanage Website

Pattaya Orphanage pride themselves on providing higher education to Children in their care. Their entrance hall has a wall of merit showing children that have earned college degrees in Thailand. Some have even earned Master’s Degrees from Universities abroad. Their standard of care and education is exemplary and ensures that their orphans position in society improves. Many children return to help the next generation.

This Orphanage is based in Lopburi, North East of Bangkok. They take care of children who were born with HIV. With the right care and support they will hopefully live normal lives.

2016 LBWVB Competition Scorecard


Blue Dolphins
(TJ's Music Bar)
14132 PHOTOS
Green Hornets
(Katoeys R Us)
22136 PHOTOS
Pink Panthers
32107 PHOTOS
Black Scorpions (Lita Bar)41124 PHOTOS
Purple People Eaters
(Kings Bar 2)
51106 PHOTOS

2nd and 3rd place a draw so most points Won for place.
4th and 5th place a draw so most points Won for place.


2016 LBWVB Sponsors

Areca Lodge

Areca Lodge


BKK Funcard

BKK Funcard

NB Surveys

NB Surveys



Rotary Club Eastern Seaboard

Rotary Club ES

Pattaya Mail

Pattaya Mail


Sportsman Pub

Beefeater Steakhouse

Beefeater Steakhouse

Yamato Pattaya

Yamato Pattaya

Stumble Inn, Bangkok

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  1. Post

    This was the first time I have been able to make it to the actual competition, and I have to say it was quite a nice time. It lived up to its reputation as the one event you dont want to miss each year.. I look forward to going again next year!

  2. 2016 event was on November 5th and well supported by teams and attendees.
    Closely fought matches were followed by a sumptuous buffet, singing by the Orphanage children and prize giving by a Net Idol….
    All resulting in 540,000 between 3 charities

  3. Once again Khun Tony Sales has outdone himself in the organization of this fabulous event. I have attended each and every one and I must say that this year’s event, the fifth – was the most impressive and most enjoyable of all. Impressive – because in the face of unfortunate ill timing by the passing of the Thai King that compounded all the usual aggravations, hassles and stumbling blocks that Tony had to overcome another great total of funds were raised for needful charities. Enjoyable – for all the usual reasons (including good weather), but mostly for the absolutely touching, heart moving performances of the orphanage children who had to have spent months in rehearsals learning to sing in English and to dance in unison. Would that this event were worldwide and ongoing!

  4. Another great event! Glad to support the local charities and all their good work through and organizations that is completely transparent and follows up to be sure the $$ was used as promised. Congrats to the winning team and all the girls who participated. Thanks for a great day.

  5. Tony: I was lucky to attend all of the events and I can say that the 2016 tournament was the best for a lot of reasons. The focus of the event has evolved to be a clear charity event and I think we need to really say thanks to the participants for the 2016 events: Kings, Lita, TJ, Pink Panthers and K R US. This event was exceptional given the respected that needed to be shown for the Thai people and in keeping with the desire to help people. Also, a big thank you to Stumble Inn Group in Bangkok for their help. If you had a chance to see the Kids who benefited from the event, you had to have a tear in you eye. It was a great pleasure to attend and hope that those who comment on a negative basis can accept that this is a great charity event, if it continues or not. Thanks Tony.

  6. So, the time came around to pack my bags in Bangkok and jaunt along to The Areca Lodge in Pattaya, for LBWVB 2016.
    I have enjoyed being the DJ and MC at this event for several times.
    Even given the sadness felt by Thai citizens at the recent loss of their Great King, the event was a success. Thanks to the participants, sponsors, photographers, and guests … all of whom helped me to help them have a great day out.
    But the biggest thanks always have to go to Tony, without whom all this would never have been possible.
    Next year, Tony … PLEEEZE! …
    by Robin (the Wonderful) Westley Martin …

  7. My first year attending and what a blast! All the girls seemed to have a great time as well! I know it’s supposed to be the last year but I hope this great event continues! Also, seemed like the perfect balance was set between a fun time and a respectful (mourning period) event, no easy task! Well done!

  8. 100 or so guests arrive for this years LBWVB event for 2016. I have to say I was chuffed to get tickets and was looking forward to it.

    A week of partying had taken its toll, I was glad if the break. The games were great and I am sure everyone had a great time.

    The meal in the evening was great and from start to Finnish the whole day was a success.

    At the end of the evening there was an auction for a few items! One of which I had my eye on. It now has pride of place on my wall back in Scotland.

    To everyone who helped thank you.
    To everyone who sponsored thank you.
    To everyone just thank you!

  9. Great event what a fun day! Great job Tony! I was very happy to be a part of this event and so happy to help the kids! All the best from Green Hornets and Katoeys are us soi diamond… 🙂

  10. Have been to the VB every year and 2016 was fantastic. Always look forward to it. It’s a one-of-kind event, and being for a good cause is icing on the cake.

  11. First time to attend LBWVB, and I really glad, I haven’t miss this unique event again.
    I enjoyed day time fun. When girls focused on game, they were such charming.
    I saw children sing and dancing for us, I know what we did were meaningful.

    Thanks to Tony to bring this unique and meaningful event for us.
    And thanks to everyone who devote in this event.

  12. Been to all 5 LBWVB events and enjoy it everytime. A Thai waiter there kept thanking me and was amazed falangs would raise money for Thai charities. Loved seeing the kids sing and the competition was fun

  13. TJs Music Bar very happy to play in all 5 events.
    Win 2 time and 2nd place one time.
    Not just about win Volley Ball but help so many Thai people.
    Everyone enjoy and have 1 day sanuk for all.

  14. Dear Tony
    I have attended all the events for LBWVB and have been a proud sponsor and contributor of gifts for all the players. I hope they know how much we appreciate them for putting on such a wonderful event.
    A great day fun and entertainment was had by everyone, I hope to contribute to any events you may have in the future. It’s good to know the money raised is going to such worthy charities.
    Thank You for a job well done.

  15. Great event, well organised and loads of fun.
    Fantastic idea for raising money for the kids.
    Andy Hall
    Hideaway Guest House and Bar Pattaya

  16. Lita bar Lita bar very happy to play in the volley ball.
    Much fun and all enjoy.
    Lita staff very happy with presents and sorry we all drunk little bit and tired.
    We want do again.
    Thank you khun Tony

  17. yet another year for a great charity event.
    special thanks to the organizers who work incredibly hard to make it special.
    very time consuming for them.
    and thanks to the sponsors, participants and donors.
    it’s a win-win for all involved.

  18. Kings bar have competed for 4 years.
    We get close but have yet to win.
    Each year gets better with more involvement from the charities.

    Well run and big benefit to all the charities.
    Kings bar team always have a great day and night.
    Need to slow down their drinking until after they win. Haha

  19. Dear Tony,
    Once again congratulations on staging such a great event! This year, with dwindling economies and the passing of HM The King, it was quite a challenge to organise but your perseverance made it happen!
    A big thank you also to the participating teams and all that made it possible to raise such significant funds for some really worthy charities.
    With kind regards,
    Jan Abbink
    Past President / Secretary
    Rotary Club Eastern Seaboard

  20. What a great event once again a most enjoyable day and fantastic fund raiser towards charity’s Well done Tony and your team

  21. Another great well organised event. Well done Tony for all the hard work. It was a joy to know that we were helping those unfortunate kids

  22. A great day, a great cause. I attended the inaugural event and I was delighted to make it back to the 5th Annual Event. Congratulations on hosting another great event. I hope to see it continue next year. Such a win-win for the ladyboy community, the sponsors, and most of all the charities. thanks for all the hard work

  23. Thank you Tony Sales, your invaluable sponsors and the wonderful Lady boys. There exuberance during the matches and elegance in the evening deserves a very big thank you for pure entertainment.

    This, Lady Boy Water Volley Ball (LBWVB) an amazing annual event that has raised so much for charity is by far the most entertaining competition to be a spectator at.

    I thank you on behalf of the children of the Moon School in Laos where your generous donation will be well spent in providing new and improved facilities in their classrooms.

  24. True joy and fun know no limits – this was my impression also for this year of the LBWVB tournament. Seeing the teams in the pool having fun and truly getting wet for a good cause – this seems for me the essence and the spirit of this wonderful tournament. Hope it will be continued in 2017. And if the monetary side contributes to a better living for some underprivileged kids and people in Thailand, then the LBWVB is no doubt a coin with two winning faces.

  25. This Water Volley Ball tournament was a very special event that enables differing groups of civic, foreigners, business owners and bar workers to come together for one special need. Children.

    Most of the time, a person would just send money to a charity and never see who it actually helped.

    This event we actually saw the kids that it helps.

    Kids with no homes and especially the sick ones.

    The tournament shows that this ‘over looked’ group of society (Lady Boys) is indeed a caring and thoughtful member of our community.

    Unfortunately the main steam news never shows all the good but only the bad news.
    Every person, that attended the event, left with joy in their heart and had a wonderful time.

    Thanks to all the girls that played in the tournament.

  26. Great event again this year. It is a pleasure to contribute and participate in this great event. All the parties were fun, the volleyball was enjoyable and the dinner was also a great affair. Thanks to everyone for organizing this.

  27. My first LBWVB event. Had a wonderful time. Took photos galore. Banquet at the end was top notch. Hope you hold an event next year. Looking forward to attending.

  28. Yet another terrifically well organised event that gets more professional each year.
    Massive thanks to Tony for his work over the years for raising so much for others in need and raising the positive aspects of the ladyboy community.

  29. Had a wonderful time.
    The event was great.
    The girls were great.
    Tony was great.
    Thanks to all who supported the event and the charities.

  30. This is my third time attending the event and this year I donated some money to help the cause…and what a worthy cause that it is! I look forward to coming back for another year of fun and festivities to help raise money for this worthwhile charity. It was a wonderful event and the organizers did an excellent job.I had a great time and made many new friends throughout the couse of the parties and the event itself. I look forward to next year!

  31. It has been my absolute pleasure to be a sponsor of the LBWVB for the past three years. The event is not only unique, it also provides a very positive contribution to charity. It is also so much fun and everybody involved including spectators always have a great day.

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