LBWVB 2015 Competition
Held at Areca Lodge in Pattaya
on November 7, 2015

Total Amount Raised
1,000,000 THB

EXPENSES: 151,000 THB (14.5%)
SURPLUS: 143,000 THB

LBWVB 2015 Event

2015 LBWVB Event Summary

For the fourth year in a row, Pattaya’s annual Ladyboy Water Volleyball Competition exceeded its  fundraising goal and more than 250,000 baht was presented last Saturday to each of three orphanages in what has become a much-acclaimed charity event, simultaneously kicking off the city’s high season.

All three beneficiaries this year were children’s homes: the Pattaya Orphanage founded by the late Fr. Ray Brennan in 1972; Baan Gerda in Lop Buri, for children with HIV; and the Bamboo School in Kanchanaburi, caring for orphans near the Myanmar/Thai border.

2015 Competition Winners: The Blue Dolphins

2015 Competition Winners: The Blue Dolphins

The Blue Dolphins, sponsored by TJ’s Bar in Pattaya, won the fiercely fought competition amid squeals of delight from the players and robust applause from an international audience.

With rain halting just an hour ahead of the contest’s start, five teams competed under bright but overcast skies—the “perfect light for photographers,” one happily proclaimed—for the first time included an independent team, identified as the Pink Panthers.

This was also the first time teams were given such names. Festival organizers said company and organization sponsors “are generally sensitive about affiliation with transgender events and especially those associated with venues in the play-for-pay business. Giving the teams names helps reposition the event, assisting with such support as well as inspire teams in costuming and cheers.”

Other competitors this year were called the Purple People Eaters, from King’s Bar in Pattaya, the Red Dragons, Check-In Bar in Bangkok, and the Yellow Canaries, Cockatoo Bar, also from Bangkok. Swimwear and cheerleading team costumes  reflected the colors in the names.

King’s Bar placed second in the four-hour-long schedule of matches and the winning cheers squad was from the Check-In Bar, featuring conga drums, bullhorns, and a line-up of nine performers.

The event, held for the fourth year at the Areca Lodge, closed with an evening gala when all teams were awarded gift and cash prizes and cashiers’ checks were presented to the three orphanages by the event’s two top sponsors, Mr Gordon Niven representing NB Surveys of Bangkok, a company providing laser technology services to the oil and gas industry, and Mr Rodney Charmers current President of Rotary Club Eastern Seaboard.

Pattaya Orphanage Kids Singing

“Thank You Very Much” Sung by Pattaya Orphanage Children

Entertainment was provided by children from the Pattaya Orphanage, singing “You Raise Me Up” and a choreographed rendition from the film Scrooge, “Thank You Very Much.”

All team members—now in evening wear instead of bikinis—were presented gift packs and prizes by ladyboy celebrity Miss Mimosa.

The evening gala also featured a Thai and international buffet, a raffle and auction, the latter adding to the sum donated to the orphanages. Festival organizers, report the only funds diverted from the beneficiaries paid for hotel services and facility, printing and Prize money. The LBWVB organization is staffed entirely by volunteers and thus holds its overhead to less than 15%.

The 750,000 baht raised at last Saturday’s all-day celebration brought to nearly 3 million baht the total donated to Thai charities since the contest’s founding in 2012.

Other sponsors included USVPN a virtual private network provider, Bkk FunCard, Asia4Fun, with Raffle prizes donated by local restaurants: Beefeater, Yamato and Sportsman.


2015 LBWVB Competition Teams


2015 LBWVB Competition Scorecard

Blue Dolphins
(TJ's Music Bar)
Purple People Eaters
(Kings Bar 2)
Red Dragons
(Check In Bar)
Pink Panthers
Yellow Canaries


2015 LBWVB Charities

250,000 THB
Baan Gerda

Visit Their Website

250,000 THB
Bamboo School

Visit Their Website

250,000 THB

The Pattaya Orphanage

Visit Their Website


2015 LBWVB Sponsors

Areca Lodge

Areca Lodge

BKK Funcard

BKK Funcard

NB Surveys

NB Surveys



Rotary Club Eastern Seaboard

Rotary Club ES

Pattaya Mail

Pattaya Mail


Sportsman Pub

Beefeater Steakhouse

Beefeater Steakhouse

Yamato Pattaya

Yamato Pattaya


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  1. Each year they just get better and better.

    Not a dry eye in the house when the kids sang thank you very much

    Well done Tony and all ready looking forward to next year

  2. What a fantastic day, a big thank you to all the LB teams
    and Cheerleaders for making this day so much fun and a big thank you to Tony for
    all his work to make it happened. A great day for us and the 3 Orphanages
    getting a 250000 Baht Charity check each. Well down.

  3. What a great event! I had a great day of fun entertainment and nice meal at night. Very well run and organized. Thanks for putting on this wonderful event and supporting these deserving charities.

  4. what a fantastic day /evening and the 3 well deserved charities and the entertainment from the pattaya orphanage was superb

  5. USVPN is proud to Sponsor such a worthwhile event, promoting charity and positivity from the TG community. Great work to make such a fun day out with incredible results!

  6. We are Pink Panther Team. We are so happy with this time we will come back to next time for sure thank you. พวกเรา พิ้งค์แพนเตอร์ทีม มีความสุขและสนุกมากๆที่ได้เข้าร่วมกิจกรรมในครั้งนี้ พวกเราจะกลับมาอีกครั้งกับกิจกรรมดีๆเพื่อสังคมในปีหน้า ปี 2016 ข้างหน้านี้แน่นอนค่ะ และขอแสดงความยินดีกับทุกๆทีมด้วยนะคะ จากใจพวกเรา Pink Panther Team ขอบคุณค่ะ

  7. Tony, I had an excellent time this year. I look forward to 2016!

    Thanks to all who made this happen. Your efforts have allowed these children to have many more sunrises in the future.

  8. A superb day – well organised – with terrific spirit from the water-volley ball teams and their magnificent cheerleaders.

    The choir from the orphanage were wonderful.

    Best of all was the money raised for the charities.

    Well done Tony and those that were involved – You should have been extremely pleased with the day and the end result.

  9. This was my second year at the event and it was better than ever.
    Kudos to Tony and the crew for a great tournament.
    The Areca lodge was great again and the food and hospitality was unmatched.
    Nice to see all the good the money does for charity and the children were a great joy.
    Not to mention all the lovely ladyboys, players and cheerleaders.
    My camera was overworked as usual.
    Good job everyone!
    See you next year.

  10. This is truly an amazing event for all. The big winners are the charities. When you see the looks of the children that are helped, then how much fun the girls have, it is such a win-win for all involved. I will be sponsoring more teams next year. Don’t miss out on this great endeavor.

  11. Post

    2015 was extraordinary.
    Teams and Cheerleaders were fantastic during the day.
    All the charities attended in the evening and Pattaya Orphanage children stole the show with their singing.
    750.000 Baht to 3 charities.

  12. What a great success for another great year.
    Not only did the event raise significant funds for 3 deserving charities but it also showed the positive support from the Lady Boy community in a fun filled day and evening.
    Terrific result for all involved.

  13. This is the fourth year running I have attended the tourney (I must be a glutton for pleasure). Once again “sanuk” was had by all and once again Tony has shown his generous spirit and his work ethic devoted to the benefit of numerous charities.

    The teams competing had as great a time as did we spectators. No matter the final scores as there were no losers. It would be wonderful if somehow this event were to be international in the future, benefiting charities and highlighting the transgender community beyond the confines of Thailand.

    The children of the orphanage who made their appearance and sang was a special treat. The food, as always, was a delight and the hospitality of the Areca lodge was outstanding.

    I’m already looking forward to next year!

  14. I was apprehensive. Revealing to others I was attacked to ladybugs. I should not have worried, I think everyone was nervous. The evening was amazing the teams were so quiet…so we’ll behaved… funny business (none my way at least). The evening was like re-living an cricket club presentation night…very old fashioned, but in a good way. Then afterwards at TJ bar…..I shall be revisiting that bar for certain. Well done to everyone involved. Let me know if I can do anything for 2016.

  15. Yet another successful event despite a few complications and setbacks in the early months but congratulations to Tony for sticking it out and providing a well planned and executed competition and a truly fun day out. All the competing Ladyboy’s and Cheer Leaders looked terrific and thourghly enjoyed themselves as did all the spectators and officials. Congratulations to TJ’s as the overall winner’s but WATCH OUT FOR THE PURPLE PEOPLE EATERS NEXT YEAR 2016.

  16. I would like to thank Tony and all of those who participated, sponsored or otherwise helped in this years tournament. It gets better every year and it continues to define the spirit of giving and helping others. I would particularly like to thank the sponsors for each team who continue to year after year give and help the event. It is an honor and a privilege to help in a small way and it is also a lot of fun to attend. Hope to see it continue and get better next year and onward. It is the best.

  17. Another great event which just keeps getting better and better! A big thank you to all those involved (especially Tony) Areca lodge for hosting us, the girls and of course all the sponsors. Together we have changed the lives of so many of Thailands children. We may have lost (again!) but nothing beats making a difference to those in need. Well done everyone and we look forward to seeing you next year.

    From everyone at Cockatoo.

  18. Lady Boy Water Volley Ball

    I do believe that this year’s event was an even greater success. It had the right mixture of entertainment, weather, competition, glamour, uniqueness, fun and determination to have a great time in the aid of charity. It just gets better.

    The day went smoothly with competitors enjoying themselves and maximising efforts to win this amazing competition with buzz and pizazz.

    I am though, more than aware that all of this cannot be achieved without the tireless efforts put in by Tony Sales with his planning, planning, details, details to the very last minute and also to the incredible generosity of the many sponsors required to bring this excellent event about.

    Thank you for your stalwart efforts on behalf of charity and for bringing this entertaining sport to the fore and I wish Tony Sales and LBWVB every success in the future.

    Kind regards,
    Carl R Dyson,
    Past President 2011-2013
    Rotary Club Eastern Seaboard.

  19. Had a great time, I plan my vacation around this event each year.
    After coming and enjoying Thailand many times, I decided I wanted to find a way to put something back to those less fortunate in the country I love.
    No better way than to help improve the image of Ladyboys and raise money for such worthwhile causes.
    Look forward to next year!!

  20. Hi all …I am the lucky guy who had a bird’s eye view of the whole day and evening.
    Yep, I was your DJ and MC for the day. It was a privilege to be there, so thanks for asking me, Tony.

    This event has become better year by year thanks to the industriousness of Tony, the party attitude of the spectators, and the unbridled enthusiasm of the volleyball teams and their cheerleaders. The whole day has a feelgood factor of plus 10 … and to top it off it’s all for charity. What more needs to be said.

    Hope you all enjoyed my music and MCing … and a big thanks to the guys who bought a nice cold beer to my DJ setup …
    Cheers all … Robin …

  21. After seeing the videos and news clippings, from previous years, I definitely didn’t want to miss the 2015 event.
    I wasn’t disappointed.
    It was a fun day, and a great evening.
    Seeing the kids singing was a high point.
    You know that the money raised is doing good.
    The speeches from the charities receiving the donations were very emotional.

    I am now living full time in Pattaya, and will certainly be supporting this year’s event.

    Andy Hall
    March 2016

  22. The 2015 event was fun. I’ve already made the arrangements to be there this year and I think its a great event well organized,runs smoothly and benefits charity.

  23. What an amazing day out. Great fun with all the teams. Cheerleaders provided great entertainment in between great games. Can’t remember when I had so much fun. I’ll be back next time. I fact I can’t wait


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