LBWVB 2014 Competition
Held at Areca Lodge in Pattaya
on November 1, 2014

Total Amount Raised
1,0,000 THB

EXPENSES: 196,000 THB (14.5%) — SURPLUS: 211,000 THB

LBWVB 2015 Event

2014 LBWVB Event Summary

The year started with great enthusiasm following the success of 2013.   Could the success of 2013 be repeated? The target was set at 1,000,000 THB.

Having accumulated so many contacts, from the 2 previous years, more energy was put into correspondence with prior contributors. All the extra effort in correspondence worked out well.

Additionally some Merchandising was introduced and we also had more significant raffle prizes which enabled us to raise more funds. All was set.

Check In Bar Cheerleaders

Check In Bar Minnie Mouse Cheerleader Squad

Check In bar,  from Bangkok, as a new participant stole the show with their Minnie Mouse Cheerleader squad.

Nobody could have forecast the weather!  At 2pm the rain came – it did not dampen the contestants as they were wet already.

It was decided not to risk dining ‘pool side’ so the hotel accommodated everyone inside.  The only problem was that the PA system only worked in one dining area. That made the auction and raffle nearly impossible. Thanks to Kings Bar for hosting an auction night for the remaining items.

The weather was beyond anyone’s control but the event was still a success!


2014 LBWVB Competition Scorecard

 Sensations1310664 PHOTOS
Baby Boom239962 PHOTOS
 Kings Bar 2329282 PHOTOS
 Check In Bar428164 PHOTOS
 TJ's Music Bar517765 PHOTOS
 Stringfellows615182 PHOTOS
Temptations7061120 PHOTOS
 La Bamba804785 PHOTOS


2014 LBWVB Charities

500,000 Baht
Camillian Home

Visit Their Website

500,000 Baht


Visit Their Website


2014 LBWVB Sponsors

Areca Lodge

Areca Lodge

NB Surveys

NB Surveys

Rotary Club Eastern Seaboard

Rotary Club ES

OZ Trail Leisure Products

OZ Trail Leisure Products



Yamato Pattaya

Yamato Pattaya

Pattaya Mail

Pattaya Mail


Sportsman Pub

Beefeater Steakhouse

Beefeater Steakhouse


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  1. Due to the herculean efforts of Tony Sales, the donations of the many sponsors, and most especially the gleeful participation of the ladyboys and the representation of their respective bars, the 2014 LBWVB tourney was a smashing success. All three important objectives were realized: generous funds raised for charity, improved visibility and acceptance for ladyboys, and SANUK maak maak for all!

  2. Once again,the ,the wonderful LBWVB team,headed by Tony has given us the chance to give our little contribution to the welfare of those children of God who happened to be less fortunate than others.We were even lucky enough to do that through the community of people we admire and cherish most.What a briliant idea to do a good deed and have fun at the same time.I hope I will have the chance to attend such a unique event again.Let us just hope the weather will play more fair with us next year,Thank you,Tony.Thank you all the wonderful girls who took part and put in so much effort,despite the rough reather.I hereby beseech the Thai authorities to extend all possible support to this event and its organisers.

  3. I wanted to thank everybody who participated at any role at this wonderful event! It is really for good cause and very nice sport to look;)

  4. Thank you Tony for all your tireless work in making LBWVB 2014 come together. Despite the weather I think everyone enjoyed themselves, I know I did! A great event for a worthy cause. Here is to continued success in the future – congratulations Tony!

  5. I like to contribute in my own small way to worthwhile charities and despite the weather a good crowd turned out . thanks to tony for his tireless work and to the people who donated prizes and contributed to this fundraiser.

    in particular thanks to the ladies and the bars who participated and to the travelling teams

    I look forward to next years events


  6. Hey Tony, I’m glad to hear you guys had a great time and everything was a success again. I really will hope/plan to be there next year.

    Love to know that the $ going towards charity. 🙂


  7. Another tremendous effort yet again by Mr. Sales for which he ought to feel very proud. I thoroughly enjoyed the day’s activities and the surrounding events and look forward to attending this one-of-a-kind charity fund-raiser again next year. I’m sure the very worthy beneficiaries are extremely grateful too, excellent choices.

    Regards, Mike

  8. Another great event put together by one of the nicest guys in Pattaya.

    Well done Tony

    Not even the rain could dampen the spirit of a great day.

    Thank you very much Tony. Always a pleasure to see you

  9. My second year as a sponsor, first year attending the event. In spite of rain a great day. Everyone seemed to truly have a good time. Always great to see the ladyboys get recognition and respect from the community, and to raise money to support worthwhile charties, it just doesn’t get any better. I look forward to next year and much much future success. Thanks Tony.

  10. what a great day and gala night. the torrential rain could not quench the enthusiasm of all the contestants and the stoic efforts of tony and the team of organisers who got equally as wet. well done to everyone and i look forward to 2015

  11. Well run and local charity even the has more benefits than can be mention here. I do hope the this goes on and continues to be a long running event for some time.
    It in itself is of a great benefit to the charities and to the perceptions of the person playing in the event.

    Tony has improved on the event each year, so here to next year, of which I will be waiting to once more sponsor as soon as I get the information that it a goer.

    Tony has the right to feel so proud for the achievement for the good of the community, So I hope you feel as great as it should make you feel for all the good the event does for all

  12. “Never mind the weather – as long as we’re together- were off to see a great great show”
    Excellent Tony – and let’s hear it for the Ladies. !

  13. A great day out and fantastic event yet again. I won’t mention the weather as in my mind it made no difference at all! It was wonderful to be part of and we look forward to attending again next year. Well done to Tony and everyone else that made it such a success.


  14. A great day out enjoyed by everyone. The Areca did a good job under the circumstances.
    The whole event has improved considerably over the years including the competitivness of the games themselves.
    A great way to raise money for causes close to our hearts.
    Well done Tony and thanks for all your hard work to make this such a well run event.

  15. This was my first time at this famous charity event and I was very impressed. A lot of money was raised for two very worthy charities. Moreover, the event was very professionally run and really showcased the positive impact that the ladyboy community of Thailand can have on our society. Many people gave freely of their time to make it a great, fun day for spectators and participants alike but also everyone there knew that the main aim of this exercise regardless of which team wins is to help raise money for those less fortunate than us. The event drew spectators and sponsors from many countries showing its global impact. It also helped portray Pattaya in a very positive light.Well done to Tony and the rest of his helpers. And well done to the ladyboys and their teams for there might work! I cannot wait for next year’s event.

  16. My congratulations to the Management, the Athletes and all of those who participated either in person or in spirit for this magnificent event. It keeps getting better and even with the rain, it seemed to have brought us all much closer. This event is very special not only to the charities that profit from it but also this specialized community and helps to dispell myths and bring support for everyone. I cannot think of a more worthwhile fund raising event and I hope it continues to grow and brings in all those who enjoy a good time, raising funds for needy causes and are excited by good and robust competition. Keep going and Keep growing; 2015 and beyond.

  17. Great Event!

    Toni you do allways your best.

    Many Thanks to all the Ladyboy for this wonderful Day.

    See you ……

    TJ’s Music Bar

    EM & RUDI

  18. Tony a monumental effort in getting everything together for the event. Well done.
    Also a wonderful series of Bar parties created the right balance of expectation and fun.
    Happy to have sponsored Check In Bar with the other BM’s and will hopefully see you all again next year.
    Great teams and efforts of all the girls who played on the day and all the cheerleaders (especially the the CiB Mini Mouses).
    A brilliant result for the charities and all the generosity of the members, girls and bars.



  19. The 2014 LBWVB event was the first I attended and I enjoyed it. Here are my comments/suggestions for the 2015 LBWVB.
    Name tags would help attendees identify each other and all the team players.
    Promotion outside the niche Forums could increase sales and visibility
    Include more other LB bars who may not be aware of the event
    Introduce a Cocktail hour to give attendees a chance to ‘meet and greet’
    The Last Saturday in Oct 2015 falls on the 31st (Halloween), any plans to incorporate Halloween into the event?
    Maybe too horrible a thought – perhaps one week before or after.

  20. Many of us flew thousands of miles to support Khun Tony and the girls in this fantastic event…and we would happily do so again, a fundraising task they do relentlessly for the good causes involved.

    A great day out which was enjoyed by all.

    While the recipient beneficiaries are grateful for the assistance my wish for the future is that a greater input from a larger benefactor could focus the event which would highlight the charities to a larger audience: they sure do need this exposure.

    Thanks to Khun Tony and his many helpers for making this an event to look forward too!

  21. Couldnt make last years event and I didnt want to miss this one. Everyone involved should be very proud to have been a part of such a wonderful and successful outing. The competition and sportsmanship was on full display unlike anything I have seen before. And even though mother nature rained down on us most of the afternoon, it could not wash away the enthusiasm and spirit of the event exhibited by players and spectators alike.

    Utimately the winners here are the charities as well as the various sponsors /communities coming together for such a worthy collective band of causes. May you exceed this years donations next year and Resume Party in 2015!

  22. Thank you krun TONY we have a great holiday a lot of fun. And very very happy to help our children . Sanook mak mak
    See you (krob krun mak ka)

  23. First of all, the rain was a real bummer, but there was no control over that and it did not stop the fun.
    I was pretty well distracted most of the day so I really didn’t focus too much on the actual volleyball.
    The LBWVB is a fantastic way to get the LB community together to do some good,

  24. For the third year in a row, the Ladyboy Water Volleyball Competition goes into my book of most enjoyable weekends.

    Again, everyone present—the girls, those who came to see them play, even the other
    hotel visitors, who I’m sure wondered what the hell was going on, and may have watched from their rooms—enjoyed a day of healthy fun without even the smallest ugly incident.
    You not only exceeded your Baht goal for charity, Thailand’s transgendered community got the good headlines it deserves, rather than the predictably negative attention given it by the media when the tiniest minority find themselves in police custody.

    So shiny is the accomplishment of the LBWVB, I venture to say it’s now an event that reflects positively on any individual, organization, or commercial entity associated with it. Sound far-out?

    Hey, look at what extreme sports did for Red Bull.

  25. Great job Tony on the great Tournament for Charity. I came all the way from Canada to experience this event and I wasn’t disappointed. Lots of fun and hot ladyboys it was a very enjoyable afternoon. I got so many fantastic photos as the Ladyboys always make great poses. Great positive exposure for the girls too! Hope to be there again next year!

  26. LadyboysPattaya is proud to be part of the LBWVB event for three consecutive years.
    The event brings together the ladyboy community while at the same time helps raising significant funds for charity. With over 1.4 million baht raised in 2014 alone.
    The supported charities are carefully selected each year, by the event organizers, providing an excellent opportunity for LBP to show support and know the benefits of the proceedings.
    The LBWVB one day fund raising event is an vibrant ‘colorful carnival’ that brings joy to all generous attendees and those charities who need our support.

  27. As an online corporation that have been successfully ensuring worldwide customers of anonymous internet access for over 14 years USVPN recognizes it’s corporate & social responsibility, and is therefore pleased to engage and support the LBWVB event to assist people less fortunate.

    The level of professionalism from it’s event organizers ensures all funds raised proceed to charity. After the success of this year’s colorful and unique event USVPN will provide continued support to the LBWVB charity event.

  28. The year is almost over and one of the highlights for me was the LBWVB tournament.
    Many thanks to Tony and all the Ladyboy teams I had a great day no matter the rain.
    1.4 Million Baht for charity is a great result.
    I’m locking forward to the next one. Happy New Year

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